Cricut products are a little bit like magic. This line of cutting machines can be used to create all kinds of crafts, and they’re used by crafters, DIYers, and homemakers everywhere.

Cricut machines use a blade to cut through the material of your choice, which is attached to a mat. When you place a transfer material on top of that mat and press the button on the machine, it cuts out the shape of your design onto your base material.

These products are known for their ease of use. The machines themselves are lightweight and portable, so you can bring them anywhere you go. You don’t need to have an artistic background or any design experience at all—you just need a passion for making things and a desire to save money on crafting supplies!

So, if you’re ready to save money on craft supplies while creating your unique pieces of art, check out these functional Cricut products today:

Cricut Explore 3: 

The Cricut Explore 3 is a cutting machine that allows you to create customized craft projects with the use of 100+ materials such as vinyl, cardstock, glitter paper, bonded fabric, etc. This advanced technology allows you to make precise cuts up to 3.6 meters! You can make custom t-shirts, bags, cards, and so much more.

To use this machine, you need to install The Design Space software–it lets you create designs for your projects. Once you install it, connect your device to the Cricut Machine via Bluetooth or USB.  You can choose from many fonts and colors on Design Space to create exactly what you want!



Cricut Joy: 

The Cricut Joy is literal joy in a machine! With this machine, you can easily create customized cards, labels, and even phone cases. The best part is that this machine has built-in Bluetooth, all you have to do is connect your machine to the Cricut Joy app, upload your designs, and watch the magic unfold! You can use it to create full-color images from your favorite photos or artwork as well as create custom patterns from your favorite fonts.



Cricut Maker 3: 

The Cricut Maker 3 is an advanced 3D printing machine that creates physical objects from digital files. Using this machine, you can produce intricate items such as jewelry or custom phone cases, with the use of the Design Space software. This machine makes it so easy for anyone to design their projects using a variety of materials such as paper, fabric, leather, and even balsa wood! You can use it to turn drawings into reality by cutting them into shapes that can be assembled into something amazing!



Cricut Easy Press 2: 

This machine is the fix to your heat-transfer craft needs! It combines the speed of a heat press with the convenience of an iron to make intricate craft projects on so many materials such as cotton, leather, and wood. Customize your very own tote bag, t-shirt, and even baby bodysuit with this gamechanger. All you have to do is use Cricuts Online Heat Guide and insert the materials of use. The guide will provide you with instructions based on temperature and pressure, along with other instructions to achieve your perfect masterpiece.



Easy-to-use Cricut Materials 

Cricut also provides specific Cricut Materials to make your heat-transfer and cutting projects a breeze. These high-quality materials are specifically designed to be compatible with Cricut Machines–so that you have no hindrance during your craft projects.

Cricut Vinyls: 

Cricut Vinyls are a set of vinyl materials that are available in so many colors to achieve your picture-perfect design. They’re even available in sparkly and metallic options! These vinyls are the perfect base to create intricate projects that last for years, and can even sustain the outdoors!


Cricut Iron Ons: 

The Cricut Iron On materials are available in stunning effects and colors to create gorgeous craft projects. Whether you want a simple coral color or a sparkly gold, Cricut Iron Ons have you covered. Make your custom t-shirts, hoodies, and bags exactly the way you want to. The best part is that they can outlast 50+ washes!


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