Mixed media art has been around since the beginning of time. Many cultures have used this form of art in their rituals and ceremonies. The ancient Egyptians used mixed media in their paintings on temple walls and tombs. The Greeks also used this method in their sculptures and reliefs.

Today many artists create mixed media pieces for exhibitions and galleries all over the world. Some artists use this technique to express themselves while others use it to add texture or dimension to their work.

And guess what? Now you can do it too! Before we dive into the process of making it, let’s tell you a little bit about what it is. Mixed media art is a form of art that combines more than one medium to create a unique piece. This can include the use of paint, charcoal, wax, transfer paper, and many more things. All you need is a base, such as fabric, wood, or anything you deem worthy for your project!

You can use this method to create stunning pieces for your home decor, or as a gift to a loved one. So if you’re ready to create something truly unique, let’s get right into it. We’ll be showing you how you can make a delightful mixed media project using metallic waxes to create a stupendous result.


Here are the materials you’ll need for this project, all available on our Creative Crafts Store:



1. Take your media base, whichever you wish to work on. It could be a canvas, chipboard, or a wooden base. We are using a wooden embellishment from the Creative Crafts Store.


2. Prime the entire surface of your base with black gesso.


3. Take a stencil of your choice and place it on your base. Then apply texture paste over the stencil to create a beautiful pattern. We have used a brick pattern stencil which we absolutely love!


4. It’s time to decorate it a little. We have used moulds that we made with Stamperia moulds and Amazing Casting Resin. You can choose your desired mould from the array of options in our store. You can also use other decorative elements like art stones to jazz it up a little.


5. Time to stick! We have used Ultra thick Gel medium for the same. This is comparatively stronger than glue guns and other adhesives that tend to peel out after some time. Stick your moulds, art stones, and decor elements of your choice.


6. Now, take your black gesso once again and run it through all the elements. Let it sit dry.


7. Now comes the fun part! With a stencil brush or even your fingers–start dabbing the metallic wax to enhance the textures on your board. You can stick with one colour combination or use a few different ones. The choice is completely yours! Here’s a video tutorial on how you can do so: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cb4cqttJjzv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

8. Finally, once done, seal the project using varnish.

And there you have it, a gorgeous mixed media project. It might look a bit complicated but we promise, it’s so fun and rewarding once the final look comes through. Do give it a try and send us pictures of your attempts. We would absolutely love to see them.

You can find all the materials you need to create this enthralling project on our website: https://creativecraftsdxb.com

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