Imagine serving your guests a drink on a personalized coaster made just for them. Or serving your kid their morning juice on a coaster of their favorite character. Best of all, why not gift a personalized coaster to a friend or loved one, engraved with one of their favorite quotes or something that would make them feel special?

With DIY coasters, there are no limits to what you can achieve! They’re a great way to add some fun and quirk to your home atmosphere or even spread love and joy! These DIY coasters don’t require much effort either. You can make them in such a short time that you’ll wonder why you didn’t opt for this before!


Are you ready to get started? We’ll be showing you how to make some delectable coasters on wooden ornaments available in our shop. These are the materials you’ll need:


The process to make a DIY coaster is fairly simple:

1. Take the chalk paint of your choice and apply two coats over your wooden ornament. Let it sit dry.

2. Cut out the Cricut vinyl of your choice (we have a stunning array of options in our store) in the design of your choice (on the Cricut machine). This can be a quote, a name, or even a fun cartoon!

3. Use your transfer tape to transfer the design onto the painted wooden ornament.

4. Finally, put one coat of varnish to seal it!

Voila! It’s that simple! You can also watch a video tutorial of the same on the following link:

We know you can’t wait to try your hands on this easy, quick, and creative DIY activity. Amp up your home decor or prepare festive decor for festivities, whatever you choose to do, this invigorating method is sure to spark your creativity to no bounds!


Find all the materials you’ll need for DIY coasters on our website:

We offer worldwide shipping. And if you live in Dubai, come on down to the Creative Crafts Store and get your hands on these must-have craft supplies.


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