I had to attend a religious function and instead of taking regular Indian sweets (which lands up getting re-cycled), I decided to make something that the kids could have. And who doesn’t like a Kit Kat chunky.

So I thought of wrapping each piece in an individual box, which each child could take home. I scoured for hours over the Internet trying to find tutorials for making a gift box for Kit Kat chunkies but couldn’t find any. So, this is what I came up with.


  • Take a thick piece of cardstock and cut to 7×5.25”. I normally use a thicker cardstock so the box can be sturdy.
  • On the long side score at 1” and 6”.
  • On the shorter side score at 1”, 2.25”, 3.25” and 4.5”.
  • As in the picture cut off the parts highlighted. This is the top of the box and the flap which goes over.
  • Use a corner rounder tool and round off the edge. This gives it a neater look.
  • Cut the sides as in the picture. These are the sides of the box.
  • Glue the edges.
  • I cut out 4.75”x 1”from a piece of Halloween scrapbook paper that I had remaining from a previous project. (I just love using my scraps, frugal as I amJ) Adhere it to the top of the box as in the picture.
  • I again used some scraps I had to make a tag. I think it was 1”x 2.5”. I used a slightly bigger piece of cardstock to layer the tag.
  • Using 2 googly eyes(I found in my scrap stash), adhere it to the top of the tag. Use you sharpie to write, “BOO”.
  • Use a Jute string or any twine that you have lying around and tie the box to close it along with the tag.
  • This is a perfect fit for 1 Kit Kat Chunky.
  • As you can see I have made it also in a different theme. Possibilities are endless.
  • I hope you will make these and I would love to hear from you and see the pictures.

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