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Hoping to get in touch with your creative side? Try decoupage, the arts and crafts technique that involves glueing paper cutouts onto an object to create some lovely decorations. 

You can decoupage just about anything, from picture frames to furniture. Decoupage is also a great way to recycle old things that you might otherwise throw away. You can even buy decoupage-specific objects like trays or shaped wooden plaques at our Creative Crafts Dubai store. 

This hobby was popular in the 1700s, especially during the Victorian era. Now, it’s making a comeback among artists and crafters. If you’re interested in trying this fun and creative hobby out for yourself, read on! The best part is, you can find every supply you need to create beautiful decoupage right on our website!


Creating the Perfect Decoupage with Creative Crafts Supplies

Decoupage is easy to learn and gives you a wide range of design options. You can use it to create your own greeting cards, decorate your walls, or even make a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend. Here are the supplies you will need: 


At our Creative Crafts store, we have an array of options to make the perfect decoupage. From heart-shaped and butterfly-shaped wooden plaques to simple wooden tissue boxes to beautifully patterned papers–we have it all.


And, with our variety of decoupage mediums in finishes like glitter, glossy, and matte, you can rest assured that your decoupage will turn out to be a craft of the ages. Now that you have your supplies ready, it’s time to get decoupaging. Follow these simple steps: 

1. Pick out the wooden base that you will create your decoupage art on. While there are many options to choose from, it completely depends on what kind of look you’re hoping to create. 

2. Basecoat your surface with acrylic paint. This is especially recommended if your surface is unfinished. 

3. Get creative! Cut out your papers and create various shapes of your choice. You can even use multiple patterned papers to create unique decoupage. Make sure that you appropriately trim your cutouts to fit your base. 

4. Take your Mod Podge (decoupage medium) and apply a thin to medium layer on your base surface. 

5. Take your paper cutouts and press them onto the surface containing the Mod Podge layer. Then, smoothen the paper out with your fingers or a sponge to get rid of all the bubbles. 

6. Keep repeating step 5 until you get your desired look! Make sure you let your project dry for 15 minutes before you repeat. 

7. Finally, add two final layers of Mod Podge to seal your decoupage. Let it sit dry overnight for best results.  

And there you have it, a stunning decoupage project that can you can use in so many different ways! 


The secret to a perfect decoupage project is patience and a good eye for detail. It’s all about combining different parts to create a beautiful whole. We promise that if you take your time and focus on getting each little detail just right, your project will come together beautifully. 

You can find all the products you need to create enthralling decoupage on our website: We offer worldwide shipping! And if you live in Dubai, come on down to the Creative Crafts Store and get your hands on these must-have craft supplies. 


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